It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Planning

By Team Anchor September 02, 2014
Think it's too early to start your marketing plans for the holidays and the new year? Think again! Why is September the time to take a good, long look into your business goals? We'll give you a few reasons: holiday parties, Christmas pageants, gift shopping and your in-laws in town!

InCredibility Video

By Team Anchor August 28, 2014


Cut the Fluff

By BJ Caldwell August 26, 2014
What is the message that is being used in your marketing collateral?  Are you telling people what you or your company is or does?   Or are you using generic fluff terms to try to connect with your audience?
Fluff is a term that refers to ambiguous words that are intended to impress your viewers.  Here is a restaurant example:  
“Expect to have an exceptional dinner experience with our dining staff who always strives to astound our customers with an unexpected and unparalleled level of service.”
Wow.  I am impressed.   But wait, the logical thinker in me has questions.  Can I call up your employees in the middle of the night to  astound me with their level of service?  Does this mean that I will get a song and a dance when my food is delivered to my table?  Are you calling your employees exceptional because they are or because you are selling me something?  What makes an employee exceptional anyway?

Finding Your Teachers

By Ricky Anderson II August 22, 2014


The Key to Design : Listening

By Amber Caldwell August 19, 2014

Spice it up with a Video

By Team Anchor August 07, 2014
Are you engaging with your customers or potential customers on a personal level? Most business owners don't have the time (or miles) to visit each client as much as they might like to. Yet, it's still possible to give them the insight that gives you a leg up on your competitors with video marketing.

We Love our Job, Do You?

By BJ Caldwell July 10, 2014
I was recently asked by someone if we have a preference on the industry or type of client we like to work with. I've been doing this for long enough to know the answer to this question. We've had the opportunity to work with so many different industries throughout the years; oil & gas, entertainment, retail, food & restaurant, events, non-profit, municipalities, legal, healthcare, and even other agencies. In the world of agencies, there are stereotypes built around many of these industries that encourage caution when first getting to know these companies because they tend to be more difficult to work with than others.

Imagine Others Complexly : VidCon 2014

By Ricky Anderson II July 08, 2014

VidCon : Online Video IRL

By Ricky Anderson II June 24, 2014
“Don't Forget to Be Awesome.”
June 26th, 2014 marks the 5th annual event know as VidCon. VidCon is one of my favorite places to be on earth, because it takes so many of the wonderful things about online video and puts it right in front of you!

You Got Skills

By Team Anchor June 17, 2014